On Behalf of NINO:
Christa Peters

Between 1962 and 1967, photographer Christa Peters (1933-1981) created several major NINO ad campaigns, including an advertising series featuring a “Boating-Look”, the “Trans-Ocean-Look”, and the “Trans-All-Look”, which NINO advertised in the course of 1963 with full-page ads and features in big popular magazines.

Christa Peters was one of the pioneers at the legendary magazine Twen. In the early Sixties, the photographer commuted between her studios in Cologne and New York. In 1966, she opened her own studio in London, partnering up with her future husband, the photographer Chadwick Hall. All the way into the Seventies, her résumé boasted numerous publications for the Spiegel, Stern, Praline, Vogue, and Nova.

Unfortunately, Peters’ photographical traces disappear in late Seventies in London. Christa Peters suffered from a serious disease and died an untimely death. In his grief and mourning, Chadwick Hall decided to burn the complete archive. Tragic events, which caused the photographical works of Christa Peters to be wrongly forgotten.